Rainbow House


Who wouldn’t get excited witnessing a rainbow? I am pretty sure both children and adults would be in awe seeing one in real life! Of course it would be a very special experience for the little ones! Well why not use this opportunity to bring wishes to life! With our Rainbow House bouncy castle, we can assure you that this will be a big hit among the littles ones! Moreover, with their excitement and wish to see this natural wonder, this will surely be a perfect addition to any themed parties! So why miss out on the chance for your party to be the talk of the town?

The Rainbow House bouncy castle will keep your little children entertained in their own magical land for hours! Let them unleash their adventurous spirit and imagination as they enjoy the momentum of jumping high up and down! As it is small, this bouncy castle is suitable for toddlers and kids. The bouncy castle comes with a cute rainbow-themed design (obviously!) that will definitely appeal to both the children and parents. With its colourful and vibrant colours, it will surely spark more interest among the littles ones to drain all their energy playing on it! The bouncy castle can be implemented in both indoor and outdoor settings. What’s even more exciting is, compared to the other bouncy castles that we have, this one comes with a mini ball pit at the entrance! This is the perfect 2 in 1 bouncy castle that you should add to your event. This is your chance to give your kids a memorable experience in their lifetime! Keen to give it a shot? What are you waiting for? Contact us now to enquire on the Rainbow House bouncy castle and we will give you the best rates possible!

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