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Make your next party a memorable hit by renting an awesome bouncy castle from Hip Hip Hooray Singapore. We offer a big selection of bouncy castles to suit all your parties and events in Singapore, be it birthday parties, family events such as baby full month and weddings, school open houses, sports days, corporate family days and much more.

Perfect for the young and those still young-at-heart, you will be sure to find a suitable jumping castle with prices starting from just $88. Electrical blower and foam mats will be provided with all bouncy castles.

How Safe Are Bouncy Castles for Little Children?

Hip Hip Hooray bouncy castles are safe for little children. Our team inspects and cleans the inflatable after every use. During the inspection, our team will look out for any punctures or tears and proceed to fix them immediately. If they are beyond repair, the inflatable will be taken off the website. The team will also check on the springy-ness of the inflatable. Older inflatable that has ‘soften’ over the years will be taken off the websites too.

Sandbags are used to anchor the inflatable for both indoor and outdoor parties regardless of inflatable size. Sandbags will ensure inflatables will not be blown away during strong winds and they provide greater stability for children to bounce on the inflatable.

All inflatables are cleaned with anti-bacterial solutions thoroughly after every use. Inflatables are air to dry to prevent any molding.

So why wait?

Check out our popular range of bouncy castle below and rent them for your events today!

Bouncy Castles

Princess Palace


Bouncy Castles

Mega Double Slide


Bouncy Castles



Bouncy Castles

Wedding Bouncy Castle


Bouncy Castles

Mini Playstation


Bouncy Castles

Combo 5


Bouncy Castles

Obstacle Racer


Bouncy Castles

Shark Mega Slide


Bouncy Castles

Pretty Princess


Bouncy Castles

Obstacle Racer XL


Bouncy Castles

Action Adventure


Bouncy Castles

Pirate Ship


Bouncy Castles

Bouncy House Combo


Bouncy Castles

Super Castle Combo


Bouncy Castles

Deluxe Playstation


Bouncy Castles

Fire Cracker


Bouncy Castles

Wet and Wild


Bouncy Castles

Combo 7


Bouncy Castles



Bouncy Castles

Jaws Attack

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